Service & Submission Series – Vol. 1

Service & Submission Series – Vol. 1
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Series: Service & Submission
Genres: BDSM, Erotic, Romance
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 638 pages

Four full-length novels with the antics and love stories of three sassy, independent submissives and their stern, loving Doms. Each woman comes with her own skills--and desires. One needs to pay her debt to society, the other a Swedish nanny, and a CEO of her own company. The loving, harsh Doms who love them are: A stern, straight-laced attorney; a widower with two children, desiring a slave; and a Russian chef and personal trainer. The sparks fly as does the love, devotion, and BDSM.

About the Book

The Service & Submission Series has finally been compiled into a boxed set containing the four best-selling novels of the sweet, sassy submissives and their stern, loving Doms that you all fell in love with.

Finding Submission

A strict southern lawyer and a color-outside-the-lines misdemeanor offender should have been like oil and water. But when a Judge’s daughter finds herself on the wrong side of the law, she’s presented with a choice: a fine and possible jail time, or an alternative sentence. Preston — against his better judgment — finds himself agreeing to the rather unique sentence for the wayward girl: house arrest for Avery.

There was one problem for Avery though: the house where she would serve her sentence wasn’t hers — it was Preston’s. Worse, as she learns what working for the strict Preston Harrison really means — and how deep her own repressed desires might go — she fears that she might lose more than her freedom to the devastatingly handsome Dom. She might lose her heart too.

Mastering Inga

To Inga, serving wasn’t just a job — it was who she was, right down to her bones. The picture of the tall, dark and handsome physician in the assignment profile intrigued her more than the money he offered, more than the generous live-in accommodations, more even than the chance for her to be a caregiver to his two young children in America. No, the picture of the childrens’ father sparked something else in her — an even deeper desire. A need to serve him. For Inga still yearned to serve a man — in every way he required.

A prominent surgeon, wealthy, attractive, and successful, Garrett seemed to have the perfect life. But underneath all of that, he knew one thing for certain: he was a mess. Losing his wife had been devastating enough, but raising two children — alone — only made recovering from her death that much more difficult. Somehow they’d made it through though, scarred, but together. Now, it was time to do something positive, time to take a step forward. And that started with finding someone who could give his two beloved children what he couldn’t — a woman’s touch, a woman’s caring, and a woman’s love.

My Russian Master

For CEO Caroline Turner certain truths were inescapable. No matter how powerful, successful, and pretty she was, it didn’t matter when it came to the number on her scale — a number she wasn’t at all happy with. Like every other obstacle in her life though, she had a plan for overcoming it. The famous Maxim Volkov chef and fitness expert wasn’t cheap, and he wasn’t exactly falling in line with her wishes either, but he was perfect for the job … and extremely easy on the eyes. However alpha and devastatingly handsome the taciturn Russian might, he seemed to have a different understanding about who the boss was in their particular arrangement. She’d just have to put him in his place… and try to ignore the insane urge to kneel at his feet.

But behind Caroline’s strong, professional facade, something else lurked, a part of her painful past that threatened to endanger her future — and perhaps her life. Hiding his own potentially explosive secrets, Maxim must help her finally put that dark chapter behind her — no matter what it took, no matter how much she might fight it, no matter how much it hurt. Worse, hated competitors, circling like sharks, threatened to destroy all that Caroline had worked so hard to create.

Colorado Christmas

Heading west to the mountains for a holiday vacation seemed the perfect way to finally get Inga and her friend Avery together. Even better, they’d both get to meet Caroline and her fearsome Russian master, Maxim. And while she knew they’d try to be on their best behavior, with all three of the strong, opinionated women in one place, there were likely to be more than a few sore bottoms before they all boarded their planes for the flight home.

But what might happen when three mischievous submissives and their strict, heavy-handed Doms get together?

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