Daddy’s Virgin: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance

Daddy’s Virgin: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance
eBook: $4.95
Genres: Daddy Dom, Romance, Science Fiction
Publisher: Stormy Night Publications
Publication Year: 2019

He bought her. Now he's going to breed her.

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About the Book

He bought her. Now he’s going to breed her.

When Sierra Dawson ran away on her eighteenth birthday, she planned to start a new life in a place where technology has conquered age and disease. Instead she was caught, stripped bare, intimately examined, and then sold to Kaigen LeBlanc, a wealthy, powerful man who will both punish her every time she dares to disobey him and claim her virgin body in any way he pleases.

Though Sierra quickly discovers that her new owner plans to use her more thoroughly than she could have ever imagined, being made to call him daddy as she is spanked soundly and then put on humiliating display leaves her blushing with shame yet burning with helpless, desperate need. But Sierra was not purchased solely for Kaigen’s enjoyment. She is also intended for breeding.

Sierra’s desire for her master only grows stronger as she is taken over and over again until she bears a child for him, but when she is kidnapped by a rival of Kaigen’s and she keeps the truth from her daddy in order to protect him, will it shatter the bond of trust they have built together?

Publisher’s Note:¬†Daddy’s Virgin¬†includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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