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No Texting And Driving

Carly hated the first week of school.  After a long summer it was so hard to get up early and then formulate lesson plans, learn all the new names and coordinate her house at the same time.   Carly walked quickly across the teachers’ parking lot and got into her white SUV.   She was always in a rush it seemed.  There were just too many things to do and not enough time to get them done.  
Clint, her husband was a policeman with the local police force and was very helpful at home and she was very fortunate to have such a loving husband.  A loving husband until she broke a rule or got too mouthy.  Then that sweet, compliant, gentle husband turned into steel, including his hand.  There were many nights that she went to bed sleeping on her stomach with her red, paddled bottom cooling in the night air wishing she had never asked for domestic discipline. 
What in the name of hell was she thinking asking him to spank her?
But she loved the closeness of domestic discipline, loved the aftercare and loved that they didn’t fight like other couples.  
So after a long day at school with thirty students running and yelling, she now had to go home to cook dinner.  Of course, nothing was taken out of the freezer and she had not a clue what she was going to cook.  Her friend, Diana wanted to go out for a drink tonight either before or after dinner to plan a Halloween function for their third graders, so she needed to contact her too.  
Carly was driving seven miles above the speed limit like she usually did. Clint hated that she did that—he said it was too close to the range where cops gave tickets. But she hadn’t had a ticket in years, so she did it regardless.  Maybe she would text Diana now and get that task out of the way.  She reached over to the passenger seat and pulled her phone out of the red leather bag.  Hesitating with the phone in her hand, she rested the phone and her hand on her thigh looking out the window.  She knew she shouldn’t text, Clint hated that.  It was one of his biggest rules for her.  No Texting and Driving EVER.  Clint had responded to too many car accidents both with serious injuries and deaths.  It was a non-negotiable rule for him.   
So maybe she’d use the talk-to-text feature. He hated that too. Clint said that you may not be texting, but the distraction of finding the microphone and then reading to see if the text was accurate was the same thing.  It was a distraction and he’d been clear, if her phone was in her hand while she was driving and he ever heard about it, she would not be sitting comfortably for a week.  
Was it worth the risk?  It was only a quick note to Diana saying seven o’clock tonight at Pete’s Pub. 
Carly looked around and checked all her mirrors while driving down the two lane back road.  There were no cars only a bus up ahead, but it was a distance away and there weren’t any cops around. She picked her hand up and found the green texting button, opening it she pressed the microphone and said, “Diana, seven o’clock Pete’s Pub.  See you there.”  She then pressed “done” looking around for traffic.  The bus was still the only thing around.   She looked down to see if the text was correct.   Diana, Steven Click Pete’s Pub.  See you there.  She rolled her eyes and sighed.  How did auto correct always figure out the wrong spelling or word for things?  She could never make a sentence without some stupid word substitution.   Steven Click.  How did that even make sense?   Shit.  
She then started to delete the words “Steven Click” and replace them with seven o’clock.   She tried using the microphone again, but the son of a bitchin’ thing did it again.  Looking around again, the bus was stopped ahead, she slowed down and stopped behind the bus and waited.  It started moving again, so she started typing seven o’clock instead.  Seven o-‘-c-l-o—.   CRASH  
The phone flew out of Carly’s hand and she was lunged forward.  Hitting her brakes, she looked up and was looking into the faces of children from her elementary school.  Her car had crashed into the back of the school bus. 
 Oh.  My.  God.   How was she going to explain this to Clint?   Hurry.  Think.  Think.  
Carly leaned over and picked up her phone from the floor.  She knew she could delete the texts, but Clint would be able to call the phone company to check.  She was doomed.  This was not looking good.   And now, she once again looked up and saw the little faces looking at her, she’d have to explain this to not only Clint but to the children watching.  The children she’d put at risk, for a stupid text to Diana.  It could’ve waited.  She was only fifteen minutes from home.   Why did these things seem so important?  Important enough to risk herself and others?   Never.   But that’s exactly what she did.  It was selfish and dangerous, and her husband—her spanking husband—would be giving her a very painful, punishment spanking tonight.  
A knock at the window startled her out of her reverie; she pressed the button to roll it down.  Carly quickly apologized, “I’m so sorry for running into the back of the bus.  Are the children okay?”
“Hi Mrs. Gibson.  I didn’t know it was you who hit us.  Yes, the kids are fine.  Those buses are huge and your little car didn’t do anything.   Are you okay?”  She checked Carly out to be sure there was no blood. 
“Yeah, I’m fine.  I just feel so stupid.  I’m sorry.”  Carly dropped her eyes to her hands and then looked up again at the kids waving through the back window.  
“I’m Nikki by the way.  Don’t feel stupid.  It’s okay.  I’ve called 911 and they say an officer is on his way.  It’ll be fine soon and we can go our merry way.”
Carly put her hand to her neck “Oh, you called the cops.  Did we have to do that if there was no damage?  Was that necessary?”
“Well, yes.  For me it’s necessary.  If there’s an accident with a bus, you have to have a police officer respond and take a police report.”  Nikki rolled her eyes “But I suppose when there are that many children on a bus you can’t take any chances.” 
“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”  Carly was chewing on her lip. 
Please don’t let Clint show up.  Please, God.
“I’m going to go back to the bus.  I’ll be back out when the officer shows up.”  Nikki walked back to the bus.  
Carly finished her text to Diana and told her that she had a small accident and could they go to Pete’s Pub the next day.  She then started to play Candy Crush on her phone but she didn’t have to wait long, the police car came up behind her vehicle with its lights flashing.
Shit!  Carly couldn’t believe her luck.  It was Clint.  Once again, she was amazed at sexy he was in his uniform.   His dark hair was in a typical military haircut and he was wearing his dark glasses with a dark five o’clock shadow.  He had what women called a strong jaw and she could see through her rearview mirror that he was clenching that strong jaw.   She squeezed her bottom cheeks involuntarily and her clit throbbed with anticipation.   Grabbing his clipboard he opened the door to his cruiser stepping out.  The closer he walked toward her vehicle the flutter of the butterflies in her stomach increased.  
“Get out of the car, Carly.  Now.”  Clint opened her car door and stepped aside giving her room to exit.  As she was climbing out, he grasped her elbow and said, “Are you okay, sweetie.  Were you hurt?”
“No, Clint.  I’m okay.   I didn’t get hurt.”  She was staring at his feet in his black boots.   It was easier to look at his boots than his eyes at this point.  
“Carly.”  Clint paused and she looked up at him.  “Tell me what happened.  How did you end up hitting the back of a bus?  I mean, it’s big enough and bright enough.  How did you miss it?”
“Well, I ….”  Carly dropped her eyes again and found herself staring at his belt and gun belt.  He looked so dominant and authoritarian in his uniform with the thick leather belts.  “—I was sending Diana a note—“
“You were texting!” Clint readjusted his stance putting his hands on his belt. 
“N-no.  N-no.  I wasn’t texting.  I was using the Talk-to-Text feature on my phone.” Carly held her phone up. 
“It’s the same thing, Carly.   It’s a poorly made program and not accurate enough to use while driving.  It requires too many changes.”
“I didn’t know, Clint.  I thought it would be okay.  I did.  Really.”  
Clint took his glasses off, “Let me ask you a question.  What did you do right before you texted?”
“What do you mean?”  She felt truly confused and not following where he was going with this.  
Clint turned and saw the kids looking at them from the bus; he grabbed her elbow and brought her to the end of her vehicle for a little more privacy.   “What I meant was, when you had your phone in your hand getting ready to send Diana a note, what was the thought process right before you did the talk-to-text?” 
“Uhm.”  Carly looked away at the small dog in the yard across the street.  He was a tiny dog, but furry.  A Chihuahua maybe—maybe a long hair Chihuahua.  
Clint’s thumb and forefinger pinched her chin pulling her vision from the dog to the piercing blue eyes of her husband, “What thoughts ran through your head, Carly?  I’m losing patience.”
“I was thinking that you didn’t like me to text.  That I could text from home which is pretty close.”  Clint nodded clenching his jaw again.  “I thought that it would be okay and it was just a small note.  But I knew it wasn’t safe and did it anyway.”
“Let me see.”  Clint held his hand out for her phone. 
“Give me your phone, Carly.  Now.”  He held his hand out again.  
Carly placed her phone in his hand and watched him maneuver through her apps until he was at the message she had been sending right before the crash. “I see you sent another message cancelling for tonight.  Smart girl.  You’ll be otherwise occupied tonight.  Did the talk-to-text display the message right the first time?”
“No.  It didn’t’, Sir.”  Carly shook her head
“It rarely does. What did you have to correct?”
“It said ‘Diana, Steven Click Pete’s Pub.  See you there.’  I wanted it to be seven o’clock.  So I tried to say it again and it did the same damn thing again.  So then I erased it and was trying to text seven o’clock when I hit the bus.”  Her eyes welled with tears and she felt her chin quivering.  
Clint pulled her into his embrace, “I know, sweetie.  It was scary.  You had to have been afraid when you hit that bus. I’m so glad you and the kids weren’t hurt.  But this is why I have this rule for you.”  He lifted her chin so she was looking at him “Right?  You knew that this was similar to texting.  That’s why you hesitated and almost didn’t do it.  Right?”
“Yes, sir.” 
Clint nodded.  “I want you to get in the car and go straight home.  When you get there you’re to go straight to our bedroom.  Take off all your clothes and stand in the corner holding the bath brush.“
“Nnoooooooooooo.   I don’t want the bath brush.   Clint, please don’t—“
“Enough!  No further discussion is required.  You know the rules.  You remembered it and defied it.  End of discussion.  You and dozens of children could’ve been hurt.  This is serious.  It requires a serious punishment.” Clint turned her sideways and swatted her bottom hard.  It hurt so bad, she literally lost her breath.   “Now go to the car and go straight home.  Do not decide to defy me.”
Carly walked slowly to the car, her bottom felt numb he hit it so hard.  God this was going to be a long night.  
Carly put her purse and keys on the counter, kicking her shoes off under the barstool at the island.   She grabbed a glass of iced tea drinking it down and then grabbed a bottle of water for upstairs.  She would need it to replenish the tears she would be crying tonight.  
She walked up the stairs, the plush carpet felt cool on the pads of her feet.  She’d been crying since she left Clint.  Her guilt was getting her.  She could’ve been seriously hurt and could’ve injured some of the kids on the bus.  She deserved whatever Clint decided she needed tonight.  He didn’t make rules easily.  If it was a rule, it was because it was dangerous to her or others. 
Carly washed her face, brushed her teeth and went to the bathroom—she’d be going straight to bed after her punishment.  She went over to the shower and took the bath brush off the hook near the curtain.   She hated the damn bath brush.  It was the worst punishment given in her house and the dull ache from the brush lasted for days.  Getting the bath brush also meant that she’d be receiving two spankings.  Because Clint usually wanted to reduce the possibility of severe bruising, she’d also receive a hard hand spanking before.  
A little sob escaped as she had a small pity party for herself.   She hated nights like this and then she’d have to go to school tomorrow.  Not only would she have to discuss the happenings with the children, but she wouldn’t be able to sit well either.   Better wear comfortable shoes tomorrow.  
Carly put the bath brush on the bed and slowly took her clothes off.   Even when she was alone she felt self conscious taking her bra and panties off.  When she pushed her panties down they were damp with the evidence of her arousal.   As nervous as she was, there was a side of her that loved the anticipation and the act of submitting to a spanking.  She slid her finger into her slit and played with her clit, her pussy clenching at the feather touches.  She was slick with her juices increasing her strokes feeling her arousal climb while her other hand pinched and pulled on her nipples.  Carly groaned the closer she climbed to her orgasm and then with no warning, she fell over the precipice shouting with her release.  She inserted her fingers into her channel milking the last of her orgasm letting the tremors overtake her.  
“I thought I told you to stand in the corner.  I don’t believe I told you to bring yourself off.”
The startle of Clint being in the room and witnessing her release made her shout.  “Oh, my God, Clint!  Shit! You scared me!”
“Why are you playing with yourself instead of being in the corner, Carly?” Clint’s chin dipped. 
“Well…..I didn’t mean to do that.  I just….I was wet and I—“
“You weren’t following directions.  Again.   You were told to go to the corner.  Come here.   You’ll receive your hand spanking now and then stand in the corner with your hot, freshly spanked bare bottom.”  
A sob escaped unbidden.  “Clint.  I’m sorry.”  Not wanting to add to her punishment, she was walking as she cried. “I was going to the corner….I just….I got distracted.”
“I see that!”  He swatted her bottom, hard.  “My requests, rules, and demands are not something you’re to do when you feel like it or it’s convenient.  You’re to follow them because I have your best interest at heart.”
Carly tried to reach behind to rub her bottom but Clint pulled her over his lap with her upper body on the bed.  “This is your warm up. It’ll be hard and long.  You’ll not drive and text again.” 
Clint immediately started swatting her bottom.   They were coming hard and fast.  Carly had decided she would be stoic about this.  She deserved this.  She had put herself and, more importantly, she put children at risk.  She’d take her punishment like a woman.  
Clint started scolding, “You will not text.  You will not talk-to-text while driving.”
Carly was struggling, she had the bedspread bunched up in her hands and her toes were drumming into the floor. 
“You’ll listen when I give you rules.  These rules and commands are for your benefit.  You’ll listen when I speak to you.  Is that clear, Carly Ann?”
“Yesssss, Sir.”  Carly was now unable to keep the quiet sobs from escaping.   Her feet were rising to cover her bottom, so Clint put his leg over them to keep them down. Now she felt effectively pinned and the pain more than she could handle.  
“You will not put yourself in danger.  You’re a teacher.  You’re supposed to be an example to kids.  Those children watched a teacher run into their bus.”  
“I won’t do it again.  I won’t.  I promise.”  Clint let go of her hands and released her legs.   She cried quietly while he rubbed her bottom. All she had to do was listen to his rules. This wouldn’t have happened if she’d listened.   She was always trying to do too many things and now she still had to suffer through the bath brush.  She’d be lucky if she could go to work at all tomorrow.  May be she could convince him to let her stay home.   
“My heart was in my throat driving there.   How could you do this?  You know I worry about finding you at a crash scene.   It was careless and inconsiderate.   I’m sorry you’re in pain and I’m even sorrier that you have another spanking coming, sweetie.   You won’t even look for your phone again while in a car.  I’m pretty sure of it.”  
Carly was hiccupping and trying to get control of her emotions wiping her nose with the tissue he handed her.
“C’mon girl, get up.   Time to stand in the corner.  And this time you won’t masturbate, right?” Clint was helping her to stand and then walked her to the corner.  
“N-no, Sir.  I w-won’t.  I promise.” She walked with slow mincing steps to the corner hiccupping.  
“See that you don’t.  And just so you know.   It’s too bad you decided to give yourself release.  Now that your arousal is gone and time has elapsed, you’re going to find that your paddling is going to hurt a lot more.   The endorphins have waned and you’re going to find the bath brush hurting even more than it usually does.”  Clint patted her bottom and left her with that knowledge in the corner.  
Carly hated standing in the corner.  Now she was left thinking about how this was going to hurt “more than it usually does.”  That didn’t even compute.  How?   The bath brush hurt so bad…she shivered at the thought.  She looked over her shoulder to see if she could rub her bottom. 
“Turn around.  Now. I’m still here and watching. But that shouldn’t matter should it? You’re supposed to follow the rules whether I’m watching or not, right?”
Carly stared at the corner, “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry.”  
“Okay, Carly, ten minutes has passed.  Come over to the bed please.” Clint had piled two pillows at the end of the bed.  “Climb up onto these pillows.  Hips in the middle.”
Carly could feel the fear rise in her throat.  She knew he wouldn’t give her more than she could handle.  And she knew that he always did what was best for her, even if that thing was a very sore, red bottom.    He had told her many times that his heart raced when he had to give her a serious punishment, he hated to make her cry that hard.  Her hands were shaking a little with apprehension. 
“I’m afraid, Clint.”  Carly was wringing her hands standing in front of the pillows.  
“I know you are. I can see that. C’mere, sweetie.” Clint pulled her into his embrace.   She started to cry again and he swayed with her, rubbing her back murmuring comforting words to her.  “You’re going to be fine.  You know I’m not going to hurt you.  You’re going to have a sore bottom, but you have that coming. And, I’m pretty sure you’re feeling guilty for running into that bus, am I right?”  Clint pulled away so he could see her better. 
Carly nodded swiping at her tears she said, “Yes, I am. I shouldn’t have done it.  I knew it when I did it.  But I didn’t m-mean to hit the b-bus.”
“I know you didn’t mean to.  You’re the sweetest thing around.  I’d be lost without you.  I’m going to make sure you never do this again, Carly.  This is serious. You will not put yourself or others at risk with a cell phone again.” Clint held her chin in his hand “You’re going to be fine.  When this is over, you won’t feel guilty anymore and you’ll know that this is completely over.  Now, climb up onto the pillows.”   Clint patted her bottom lightly.      
He was right. She would feel better when this was over.  It was careless and selfish.  She was better than this.  
“You’re receiving seven swats with the bath brush.  You’ll keep your hands in front of you and you will not cover your bottom with your feet.  Understand?” Clint was rubbing the back of the bath brush on her bottom.
“Yes. Sir. 
“Good girl.”  Clint gave her the first three swats hard and fast.  
Carly’s feet fluttered in the air off the floor, she was bending her knees and waggling her hips to ease the pain.   She couldn’t stop sobbing.  Her bottom was already sore and adding the bath brush to it was just torture.  
“Ow.  Oh, Clint.  I’m sorry, can we be done?”
Clint was rubbing her bottom and let his fingers travel into her pussy, gliding through her juices.   “Oh sweetie you’re so wet. Jesus, you kill me when you’re this wet. I’m sorry I can’t fuck you yet though, time to finish your lesson. You asked for this with your defiance and recklessness and we are going to finish it.   Four more.”   
Carly braced herself for the next two swats.  She held her breath and stiffened. 
“Breathe, girlie.  Breathe.   I need you to relax a little—you’ll bruise if you don’t.”  Carly forced herself to relax and took a couple deep breaths. 
Clint didn’t waste any time—he quickly swatted her bottom with that blasted bath brush
He waited until she unclenched her bottom and hit the underside of her bottom with the last two and she screamed. The tendrils of pain snaked their way down her legs and she collapsed into a puddle of tears on the bed with her sore, throbbing bottom still in a prominent position on the bed.  
Clint pulled her off the pillows and spooned with her on the bed, stroking his fingers through her hair, holding her close until she calmed down.   
“C’mon girlie, let me help you get under the covers and cuddle with you so you can sleep.”  Clint spooned with Carly kissing her shoulder and neck, holding her close.  “You’re so important to me.  Promise me you’ll never do this again.  I can’t stand the thought of going to a crash scene with you again.  I’m so afraid I won’t be this lucky the next time.”
“I promise, Clint.   I won’t.  Ever.”  Carly rubbed her face on his arm.  “I love you too.” 
“I know, sweetie.  That was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done. But don’t ever doubt this—I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.  I just pray it won’t be necessary.”  He brushed the hair off her forehead.   “Now, for tomorrow.  I’m going to go to school with you and you’re going to explain to the kids in the gym what happened and why it’s so dangerous to text or talk-to-text on your phone.  I want all those kids to know that their teacher has learned her lesson. Agreed?”
“Yes, Sir.   I’ll make sure they all understand.  Me included.”  

 Question:  Have you ever done Talk-to-Text while driving?  If so, did you feel it was dangerous?

Answer the question above and post your comments below, with your email address.  I will be giving away two copies of The Little Princess Cruise  and a $20 Amazon Card on Monday.  


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35 thoughts on “Back To School–No Texting and Driving

  • Tara Finnegan

    Loved the story. My was Carly naughty. Not only thoughtlessly disobeying, but debating it in her head first. She deserved that spanking.
    I never use talk to text – stupid thing just comes up with the most ridiculous transcripts! But I have been known to send whatsapp voice messages, or even short texts, with more typos than the voice recorder would probably give.

    • Megan Michaels

      Oooooooo bad girl!!! Yeah I live in NY also and this was supposed to be about texting–which I never do. My daughter has a friend die doing that. But while pantsing this "burped out" and I had done it the week before. Not anymore.

  • Natasha Knight

    Hey – I know someone else who texts and voice texts (how do you say that?) when she drives and I think her husband ought to know it as well… I believe he's heading to the Home Depot soon for some paint stirrers…

    My friend just got a 250Euro fine for clicking 'dial' on his phone even though he was using headphones to talk so I try to stay off my phone when driving. Actually, even when biking, it's amazing how you miss things.

  • Corinne Alexander

    This was a great story! Ugh, and one that makes you self reflect too. Yes, I have used to talk to text feature and it almost never goes well. After this story I won't be using that feature again. It already weighs heavily on my conscience when I do it. I also use the talk to text feature in my notes to add story line thoughts as I drive. Those require no looking at my phone at all though. It doesn't matter if the text is wrong as long as the gist of the idea is there. But really any distractions are dangerous.

  • katherinedeane

    Great story, Megan!
    Ok, I have not heard of the talk to text feature. I'm still kind of new to having a cell phone that texts, period. (And you should see my horrible texts. Grrr! It takes me forever, and it still comes out all wrong!)

    I do feel both are dangerous.
    Though sometimes, when I am sitting at a traffic light, I will text quick.
    katherinedeane40 at gmail dot com

  • Kristin Elyon

    Don't text and drive and don't text to talk and drive. it is DANGEROUS. I've almost been hit a couple times by people texting and not paying attention while going 80 on the highway. It's scary and I never want anyone else to feel that way.

    God your story… was real. i loved it and I want to read about the Princess Cruise so bad! My email is Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  • Lillyanna Rose

    Ive never tried to talk to text but I must admit that I have text and driven before. I don't usually do it now except at lights. I've never been spanked for it. Story got me though so I probably will stop. I dont think I could survive the spanking I would get! (

  • Holla Dean

    Loved the story! I don't text very often, but I have used talk to text. I don't have to look at the phone. I use my blue tooth. I hit the button on it and say text hubby. Then it asks me what I want to say and after I say what I want, it repeats it to me and asks if I want to send. If it's wrong I say no and try it again. My phone is in my purse on the back seat and I never have to look at it. My eyes never leave the road. I'm actually kind of freak that way, I never look away from the road and am constantly scanning my mirrors so I know what's around me at all times. With this blue tooth, it's no more distraction than talking to a passenger. However, if it gets my words wrong the second time, I give up until I get where I'm going.

  • Stevie MacFarlane

    Great story and so timely with school starting. I never text while I'm driving and won't even answer my phone if it rings without pulling over. My husbands truck has U connect and all he has to do is talk and it will call anyone he wants. The voice comes through the radio. Being on the road is scarey enough, watching what the other drivers are doing. I once had a boss who would read and eat while she was driving. Crazy lady.

  • Normandie Alleman

    I talk to text while driving. I'm naughty that way, but my DH would never spank me over it b/c he does it twice as much as I do! No, it's not the safest thing, but all distracted driving is bad – eating, talking to someone else in the car, disciplining children in the back. I also put on my makeup at stoplights, but only at red lights.

  • Casey McKay

    I don't think I have talk to text, my phone is ancient. I red light text, sometimes it will take me the whole way to work to write something.

    I liked this story! I was quaking right along with Carly.

  • Heare2Watts

    That was a great story and she knew it was wrong and did it anyway. Too many deaths from people texting. I DO NOT TEXT or even Talk to Text while driving. Our truck has sync and I only do hands free talking, and when you are on the phone, the radio goes off and it goes thru the speakers in the vehicle. I can answer from the steering wheel. I went on a trip with my daughter in law many years ago and she was constantly texting back and forth with friends during the entire trip and it scared me to death. NEVER AGAIN.
    Thanks for sharing a great story, with a valuable lesson included.

  • Michael aka bratspanker42

    Great story and very true to life. For years I have carried a hairbrush with me in my car. When I see a woman who is applying makeup, brushing her hair, texting/driving, smoking/talking on the phone (Oh! whose hands are on the wheel?) and any other assortment of patterns of misbehaviour, I always honk and show her the hairbrush, moving it in that familiar up and down fashion prior to being used for a spanking. Yes, I get a lot of yells, obscene gestures and not so obscene gestures (LOL), but I am sure that they are considering why I did what I did, and if one of them thinks twice about it and stops, then it is good. I am just waiting for the one who wants me to spank her to let it be known.