B is for Books and Bare Bottom Spankings and Butt Mugs! 25

 B = Books and Bare Bottom Spankings and Butt Mugs!

Natasha Knight is visiting today and I originally thought I would help her promote her new book The Firefighter’s Girl, which I read last week.  I read this amazing and spectacular book in one day!  It was so HOT and I fell in love with Sawyer the gorgeous, alpha fireman. 

But, Natasha had other ideas, here she is:  

Megan invited me onto her blog initially when I’d released The Firefighter’s Girl in order to
promote it, but this week she has her very first book scheduled to be released and I
thought it might be more fun to promote her.
I first met Megan when I’d done a post about yoga on
Facebook (I can’t remember what it was but something to do with yoga). She
messaged me just a few minutes after that post to talk about some issues she
was having and asking about yoga. Well, yoga quickly went to – somehow, I know
it’s unbelievable but. us talking about her Dr. Dom as she called him.  I think we spent several hours discussing all
the details of Dr. Dom. Those were fun times. We eventually got to the butt mug
– or butt plug that our phones kept auto correcting so it was an interesting
We clicked right away and I think we’ve talked every day
since. At one point, she sent me a little story she’d written just for fun. I
read it and said something like ‘hey, you should think about growing it and
maybe even consider publishing’. Well, she heard my words and grew her story
and sent it to my publisher who accepted it! I’ve not yet read the final
manuscript and am so curious to see what she’s done with it but this Thursday,
June 5th,
her very first book, What Naughty Little Girls Get will be released!

So today, B is for Book with some bare bottom
spankings and
butt mugs and friendships even though that last one doesn’t start with
B. I’m
just so happy to meet so many people whom I can call a friends even
though I’ve never (or rarely) met them in person. I wish you much
success with your first release, Megan.

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