Good Girls and Panties #Sat Spanks 9


Welcome to Romancing the Kink’s Dungeon Crawl, today I am posting a snippet from my Age Play WIP.  The story is about two married couples, Michael and Meggie and Brad and Molly, who practice domestic discipline in the role of Daddy/little girl.  In this excerpt Meggie is being punished for lying about where she was that evening and for driving home after drinking.

She shivered.  God how she loved when he talked like this.  Her body always betrayed her.  She was petrified of the Lying Paddle and getting a spanking was always at the bottom of her list of things to do.  Yet, she was so aroused, her panties were soaking wet.   He gently pushed her over the arm of the couch, then took her damp panties the rest of the way down her legs and placed them in front of her saying, “While you are getting spanked for lying, you can look at your panties and know that if you had been a good girl you could have kept your panties on.”  She moaned. The musky scent of her arousal filled the air and she could smell herself on her panties.  It was all just so humiliating.

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