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My new book FINDING SUBMISSION is coming out on Wednesday–December 3rd.  Avery has stolen some watches, hoping to sell them to make a car payment. She is arrested and her father who is a prominent judge asks that she receive no jail time only a fine to the county. Her sentence will be to pay off her fine by cleaning her attorney, Preston Harrison’s house, and she will be residing there for six months.  Avery is unaware that there are hidden cameras in the house, and she is masturbating while her attorney is watching from his laptop.

Avery was a little surprised at how
much her bottom hurt.  Between her
paddling the night before and her spanking this morning for not getting up, it
hurt a lot.  She felt the dull ache every time she bent
over, her panties rubbing against inflamed skin.   She walked over to the stand-up, oval mirror
in the corner pulling her panties down to look at her bottom.   She had a couple purple oval marks on her
bottom.  Pressing on them, she hissed at
the pain.   She had a few areas that were
pink and a couple marks on her hips that looked like the outline of his
fingers.  She took her hand and pressed
them into the outlines, noting with a shiver how much bigger they were than her
small fingers.
man sure spanks hard!
Avery remembered how he had pulled
her panties down to spank her bare bottom with the spoon.  The humiliation of it all and the pain.   But she also remembered how her clit had
throbbed when she was pulled over his lap. He had commented that she was quiet
and she was pretty sure he thought it was because she was afraid.  However, the real reason she was so quiet was
because she was trying to not rub herself on his thigh.  The urge to grind her pussy on him was almost
more than she could control.  
Just thinking about it had her
pussy dripping.   Her clit was pounding
and the need to rub it overcame her.  
She took her jeans and panties off and laid on her back on the bed, her
knees up and splayed.  She dipped her finger
into pussy, bringing the juices up to her clit, lightly circling it with
feather touches.   Her hips thrust upward
when she spasmed, her arousal climbing, pressing her hand into her pubic bone
then pushing downward to press against her clit.   Her other hand found her nipples under her
bra, pinching and pulling them, her eyes rolling back at the stimulation.   Soon, her thighs were quivering and Avery
bit her bottom lip to suppress a shout, a groan escaping her throat.    As
her arousal rose she pressed her thighs together letting her labia rub on her
extended clit.   Inserting two fingers
into her channel she pressed her thumb into her clit. Pushing her hips up,
Avery used her other hand to press on the sore areas on her bottom, awakening
the memory of her spanking and the stinging swats from Preston’s hard hand.  When she pressed on the bruises from the
spoon, the pain combined with the pressure on her clit, threw her into her
orgasm with a muffled shout.   She
dropped her hips and quietly lay on the bed, coming back to reality, stroking
her clit and nipples until she was completely relaxed and sated. 
Finding Submission–Release Date: 12/3
Blurb for Finding Submission: 

Preston Harrison is the picture of the gentleman Southern
lawyer, as handsome and affable, as he was strict and precise. His ordered
professional life suited him and his temperament, not a thing out of place, not
an event unplanned. But he was more than a lawyer though — he was also a Dom,
and he made sure his personal life and professional life never intersected.
Never that is until his world is turned upside down by one Avery Beauchamp, a
stubborn, adorable, and way too sassy pocket Venus.
Being the only daughter of a respected Judge should’ve set
Avery up for a life of ease, of privilege. But Avery had a habit of not doing
anything she should — she only did the things she wanted. Marching to the beat
of her own (very smart-mouthed) drummer had always served the headstrong girl
well… until the day she ran afoul of a little thing called the law.
A strict southern lawyer and a color-outside-the-lines
misdemeanor offender should have been like oil and water. But when a Judge’s
daughter finds herself on the wrong side of the law, she’s presented with a
choice: a fine and possible jail time, or an alternative sentence. Preston —
against his better judgment — finds himself agreeing to the rather unique
sentence for the wayward girl: house arrest for Avery.
There was one problem for Avery though: the house where she
would serve her sentence wasn’t hers — it was Preston’s. Worse, as she learns
what working for the strict Preston Harrison really means — and how deep her
own repressed desires might go — she fears that she might lose more than her
freedom to the devastatingly handsome Dom. She might lose her heart too.
Note: This BDSM erotic romance includes the following acts
or themes: bare bottom spanking and other corporal punishment, D/s, explicit
sexuality, anal play, and BDSM activity including kitty/pet play. If these acts
or themes might be offensive to you, please do not buy this book.

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