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Happy Six of the Best Sunday!   As stated last week, this is a new blog hop that allows authors to share six paragraphs with readers of an established work or a work in progress.   This is from my upcoming book on Angus and Clara.  I fell in love with this couple writing them and I’m hoping to share them with you all in about two weeks!

Last week we read that the wife and children of Angus were sick with influenza and his wife had just told him to not fuss over her, to worry about the girls.  Let’s see how Angus responded to that 🙂 (I love this man!)

“Don’t you bark out orders at me, girl.  I do what I want and you know that.  You need to get well.”  He’d put a compress on her head, gently kissing her lips. “What would I do without you? Promise me you’ll get better.”
“I’m doin’ my best, Angus.  How’s Kat and Prissy?”  At that thought she’d tried to rise up to see them across the room.
Angus had pulled the mattresses into the main room of the house so he could take care of all of them and watch them all closely at the same time.   He’d slept—when he could—in the rocking chair by the fire.
 “They’re doin’ fine.  You lie down.  They’re sleeping.  You don’t wanna disturb them, do ya?”  He’d gently pushed her back down onto her pillow tucking the warm quilt around her neck to keep off the chill in the cold January Missouri weather.
“No, I don’t want to wake them. Keep them cool.  Did you get any medicine from the Doc?”  Her eyes were glassy and her cheeks pink with the fever he couldn’t keep down.
“Yes.  Doc gave me medicine for them, as well as you.  Don’t you remember takin’ it?”  He tried to not convey concern, but if she didn’t remember, it meant her fever and the influenza had taken hold harder than he’d anticipated.
Her eyebrows had knit in confusion.  “No.  You gave me medicine?”
He tried to sound casual, seeing concern in her eyes.  “Just a couple times in the middle of the night (which wasn’t true) that’s probably why you don’t remember.  Just go to sleep.  I’ll give you more when it’s time.  I need to check on the girls.”  He kissed her forehead rising wearily from the bed and going to see his girls.
His wife wouldn’t wake again.  She’d be the first to go. After discovering she’d died, he’d crawled into bed with her and wept over her lifeless body.  He’d covered her with the blue and yellow patchwork quilt her mother had made them for their wedding.  Funny the things you think. Her mother had no idea years ago that the very quilt she made for their wedding bed would also be the quilt used to cover her lifeless, cold daughter before she’d be buried under the brown dirt of Missouri.  He stayed with Rose until he had to check on the girls, replacing cloths, giving medicine, and feeding them both broth.


I’ll share more of Angus’s story next week.   And I may even share the cover for their book 🙂
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