A Woodshed and a Razor Strop #SatSpanks 13

Welcome to Saturday Spankings!  That is the cover for my book FINDING SUBMISSION, and on  December 3rd (unless there is a catastrophe) it should be released on Amazon! 

In this snippet, Preston is showing Avery around his property, and they have just walked inside the woodshed. 

“This is an actual woodshed?  I’ve heard about them, but never actually been in one.  Is this what I think it is?”  She ran her trembling hand down the thickness of a large leather strop hanging on a hook on the back of the door.
Preston walked up to her, making sure he was close enough to smell her hair and whispered the question in her ear.  “What do you think that is, sweetheart?”
“Uhm… a razor strop?”  She tried to move away and get more space, but Preston successfully caged her, placing a big hand on the wall at either side of her.
“Mmmm hmm.  Correct.   That was the ultimate implement for a naughty bottom, reserved for the worst infractions.  For example, stealing from a house and getting arrested would warrant a session with a razor strop.”  Preston raised his eyebrows and looked at her seriously.
“Y-you can’t be… y-you wouldn’t… are you g-going to… I don’t want that to… ”  Preston watched her quickly let go of the strop and saw the pulse in her neck increase, her breathing becoming fast and shallow.
“Shhhhhhh.   Breathe, sweetheart.” Preston stroked his finger on her jaw line, lightly cupping the back of her neck with his hand.  “You’re not receiving the strop tonight.  You’re paying for your sins by cleaning my house, remember?   However, make sure you don’t break the law or injure yourself or others while you’re here — no leaving the property alone, no drinking to excess, no drugs, and no stealing.  A session with a razor strop isn’t easily forgotten and makes sitting difficult for days.”
Here is the blurb for Finding Submission: 
Preston Harrison is the picture of the gentleman Southern lawyer,  as handsome and affable, as he was strict and precise. His ordered professional life suited him and his temperament, not a thing out of place, not an event unplanned. But he was more than a lawyer though — he was also a Dom, and he made sure his personal life and professional life never intersected. Never that is until his world is turned upside down by one Avery Beauchamp, a stubborn, adorable, and way too sassy pocket Venus.
Being the only daughter of a respected Judge should’ve set Avery up for a life of ease, of privilege. But Avery had a habit of not doing anything she should — she only did the things she wanted. Marching to the beat of her own (very smart-mouthed) drummer had always served the headstrong girl well… until the day she ran afoul of a little thing called the law.
A strict southern lawyer and a color-outside-the-lines misdemeanor offender should have been like oil and water. But when a Judge’s daughter finds herself on the wrong side of the law, she’s presented with a choice: a fine and possible jail time, or an alternative sentence. Preston — against his better judgment — finds himself agreeing to the rather unique sentence for the wayward girl: house arrest for Avery.
There was one problem for Avery though: the house where she would serve her sentence wasn’t hers — it was Preston’s. Worse, as she learns what working for the strict Preston Harrison really means — and how deep her own repressed desires might go — she fears that she might lose more than her freedom to the devastatingly handsome Dom. She might lose her heart too.

Note: This BDSM erotic
romance includes the following acts or themes: bare bottom spanking and other
corporal punishment, D/s, explicit sexuality, anal play, and BDSM activity
including kitty/pet play. If these acts or themes might be offensive to you,
please do not buy this book.


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